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18 June 2010 @ 10:00 am
Title: of Elves and Men
Rating: Pg-13
Summery: A quest for vengeance for a young elf in a world ruled by men.

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18 June 2010 @ 09:54 am
Hello everyone! My name is Megan Lockheart and I am new both to this community and to Livejournal. I look forward to making friends with all of you!

I love fantasy-adventure and fantasy romance books and thats what I enjoy writing as well. Oh, I read other things of course, but thats what I enjoy the most.

So um...Yeah, thats it!

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26 December 2009 @ 12:40 pm
Title: Renastere
Author: .delightedly
Genre: Romance/Supernatural/Fantasy
Rating: T ('adult themes')
Summary: Rebirth. Was that the reason for always feeling out of place? That she used to be a ruthless vampire who fell in love with a werewolf, only to have their respective families kill them? Only one way to find out: hunt down the people who killed them.
Link: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2610218/1/Renastere

I would really appreciate it if someone would give me some constructive criticism. I am not very sure what's wrong exactly... But I spent a lot of time on it and I would like to hear some opinions. Thank you! :)
20 June 2009 @ 12:34 am
Title: Qing (Prologue)
Original: Prose
Genre: Drama, fantasy, Supernatural, Angst, Romance, Historical
Rating: PG
Summary: A summer trip to southern China soon turns into a periscope into the mythological past. Reality and fantasy, present and past, ultimately merge together.

A biology major of mixed descent and philosophies, Esther Locke, visits Hangzhou, China with a group of fellow students and an idiosyncratic professor in Asian culture. A trip that seems to consist mostly of boredom and precious internship time wasted turns into a different matter.

Esther begins to see images (hallucinations from the heat she first dismisses them as) of someone from an ancient Chinese Dynasty. The supposedly relaxing, moderately educational, and vastly unimpressive vacation gradually transforms into a puzzle laced with fantasy and mythological elements. The mysterious apparition entrances Esther into a realm of magic, curses, and physical impossibilities.

Eventually, the ghost reveals itself as a thousand-year-old serpent "yaojin" who desires for retribution and justice. As Esther walks alongside the stranger's illusory path, she discovers that the truth behind fairytales, love, betrayal, and redemption is poignant enough to transcend lifetimes.

sometimes, returning to one's roots is not an honorable thing.
11 August 2008 @ 01:40 pm
This is my introduction post.  My name is Jessica.  I am 18, and within the last five months graduated from high school.  Yay!  Unfortunately nothing about me personally has made it into my stories, other than my important characters being teenagers/young adults too.

I have already posted a few things to my journal in relation to the story I'm currently working on/in love with.  Actually, in love with might be too strong of a word.  The overall story is called "Destiny For a Dream" (but this is subject to change) and my sections are "Creating the Dream", "Developing the Dream" and "Destroying the Dream" (again, subject to change).  I was ready to kill the entire project because "Developing the Dream" was a mess, but after changing the first paragraph I felt inspired to continue.  So now I'm editing "Developing the Dream" and am sometimes working on "Destroying the Dream".  My journal right now is dedicated to ideas for "Destroying the Dream".  I haven't been interested enough in this section to finish the story or the entries, but I will force myself to keep at it.

This post sounded a little boring, actually.  Maybe some information about "Destiny For a Dream" will entice people to check out what I've been working on.

The story itself is a mix of cliche and original.  The main character is a girl named Callix Ruelo.  The sections of this story take place on "death worlds", which are exactly what they sound like.  "Creating the Dream" is set on Mistfire, where Callix is six years old and trying to survive her father.  Through two supernatural creatures she learns that she was created to be ruler of three death worlds, and this is the history.  "Developing the Dream" is set on Simballa, where Callix goes from being six to twelve.  Here she meets two adoptive brothers and one mistaken brother (this actually makes sense in context-in the only hospital on Simballa he was mixed up with her parents' real child so he's not actually blood related) who train her in self defense, is given to a group of demons, falls in love with her mistaken brother (see description above), and survives a world-destroying demon attack.  "Destroying the Dream" is set on Desean where Callix goes from thirteen to eighteen.  She begins as a press release secretary, becomes a tribal strategist, and finally commits to being queen of Desean and Oloccin and Nediar (death worlds near Desean).  It's more supernatural than fantasy, but there's magic and invented creatures.            
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14 April 2008 @ 05:05 pm
My very first novella, Fade to White is available for purchase!

Book description:
No one thought that Jerek would ever fall in love, and the one most convinced of that fact was himself. But somehow, when he least expected it, Jerek found himself lying on the ground staring up at a swaying tree branch as his horse galloped off. That was where she discovered him. A beautiful farm girl with a bossy attitude, Tryne took Jerek into her home, bandaged his injuries, and forced him to chop wood. Irritated beyond belief at this unusual girl, Jerek found himself experiencing a conflict of emotions around her, and soon she wormed her way into his mind and stole his heart.

I decided to go with self-publishing to retain the copyright to my story, and to have control over the design of the book. Don't worry though, it's been thoroughly edited so there aren't any typos or grammar mistakes. ^^

Check it out!

Also, are there any questions you'd like to ask me?
 Hi, I'm Laine, a fantasy writer from Finland, trying to find some friends with the same passion. It's been quiet in this community for months. I hope that the community hasn't died out since a friendly place in which one can enjoy the company of other fantasy writers and learn from them is what I'm looking for. 

So, please, members: tell me who you are and what you are writing at the moment! 

I'm working on a short story and revising my first novel. The short story is an urban fantasy in which the main characters are gay. The men face dangers from outside, but dangers lurk also inside of them. I started with a fanfic, but that mode of writing no longer gives me the thrill. So, I turned the story into an original one. That change gave me something I've tried to find for quite some time: the basic idea for a series of short stories that I can offer for publication in magazines. 

The novel is a fantasy that I find difficult to put in any sub-genre I know of. It is about as far from high fantasy as one can get, but low fantasy doesn't quite fit. Since the story is about a monster in a fictitious world that brings to mind the pre-industrial Europe, it could be labeled as a dark fantasy, but I'm not quite happy with that either. The closest definition to my story comes from French literary tradition of <i>fantastique</i>: according to Wikipedia, "what is distinctive about the fantastique is the intrusion of supernatural phenomena into an otherwise realist narrative. [...] Characters in a work of fantastique are, just like the readers, unwilling to accept the supernatural events that occur. This refusal may be mixed with doubt, disbelief, fear, or some combination of those reactions." That is not quite what I've written but close. I hope I will be querying for an agent in a few weeks.
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28 December 2007 @ 02:47 pm
Hullo hullo!

Long time no see, eh? My sincerest and deepest apologies about that. I guess you could say that I was doing some "self-discovery" or whatever.

I'm currently setting off on the path to publishing, via agent. As of yet, I still haven't made any contact with anyone in the publishing world (what kind of person would I be if I didn't share the entire experience with you?).

That said, one of the things I've become very much aware of is the fact that I'm terrified to send out my manuscript. I know that it's exactly like submitting a resume for a job interview, and that rejection simply means I didn't fit what the company is looking for (don't take it personally), but taking the step forward into the unknown is one of the scariest things ever.

So, what are your stories? What aspects of writing scare you, and what advice do you have for others to get over the fear?

Also, on a side note, I ran across this website, Absolute Write, the other day. It has lots of great articles about everything to do with writing you can think of.
plot question.

the world i'm building is *basically* primitive, with no mention of cars/computers/airplanes/etc. it's very middle eastern in feel (like saudi arabia or egypt, perhaps), a desert, and the weaponry used is pre-invention of the gun. so there's knives and swords and bows, but no gunpowder or modern weaponry.

so here's my scene: there's a gladiatorial-esque exhibition match between two assassins that is being viewed by a very noisy crowd of soldiers, assassins, mercenaries and warriors. one assassin uses knives exclusively. one uses brute force (with the force being accentuated by a set of... armored gloves, which also increases the force of his hits). they are to disarm and use something similar to yawara/pasak/dulodulo as a blunted method of exhibiting their skills and 'kills'.

now that that's been set up, here's the question.

is it possible to allow these to flare/light up/ding/make a *loud* noise/etc when they are used in a killing move? that is, to say, for example, if the stick made a motion that would be a throat slice on the opponent, could it light or flare or something? or, for a change of character, could it ding really loudly if mr. brute force made a punch that would stop the heart (for instance)?

or, because there is no mention of other technology, would we have to rely on the honesty of the assassins involved, and the judges of the match?

all help is greatly appreciated.
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05 October 2007 @ 03:42 pm
The community's a little quiet, no? Ahh well!

I'm ewacat, I'm 22, I'm from London, and yet again I'm attempting the Nanowrimo this year with a fantasy-themed story. Is anyone else?
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