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writingfantasy's Journal

Writing Fantasy
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Welcome to Writing Fantasy!

This is a community geared towards the magical world of fantasy and writing. Here, we can post our fictional stories and receive feedback from our honest, yet caring, fellow members. We aren't just members of a community, we're all friends!

Is there any advice you'd like to give your fellow writers? Feel free to post it! We're all on this journey together, and if you have something to teach us, we'd love to learn!

Fantasy isn't the only genre that this community is limited to. Everyone is free to post ALL of their fiction writings, as well as their stories that blends two or three (or more!) genres. Genre blending is highly encouraged!

The Rules

1. Please keep all of your posts rated R or under. We want this to be a community that everyone can feel comfortable using at work and school.

2. Absolutely NO flames. Rude comments will result in getting banned from the community. We're all friends here, so we don't want any hard feelings between the members.

3. When you join the community, please post a little information about yourself! The best way to fully enjoy and understand an author's writing, is to know a little about the author him/herself.

4. Please use an LJ cut when you post your writings. Stories can sometimes get to be a little long, and it's courteous to our watchers to use a cut. You can put a snippet of your writings outside of a cut, as well as any personal commentary/information.

5. Kindly post a rating along with your writings, and explain why you choose that rating for your story. It's a nice thing to do, and let's the readers know if there may be some content that they may not be comfortable with.

6. Most importantly of all, be yourself and HAVE FUN!