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15 July 2011 @ 02:09 pm
New Vale Chapter Updates  
Hello I wanted to post some updates I've made to my writing blog.

Story Summary: Welcome to New Vale, a story about a boy and his library. Gabriel Bailey, a boring teenager, who if left to his own devices, would wile away his life reading in New Vale’s Old Public Library. However, his peaceful existence is shattered of its quiet and solitude when a strange and annoying young man with red eyes begins pestering Gabriel as he reads. Without warning our reluctant hero finds himself involved in a side of New Vale he never thought existed. Now, Gabriel struggles between choosing to brave this new adventure or return to his safe library, ignoring the world once more.

Chapter One Complete: Writing Blog and Livejournal

Chapter Two Part One: Writing Blog and Livejournal

Chapter Two Part Two: Writing Blog
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